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Jun. 6th, 2009

Oh my Livejournal darlings, how I have missed you!  My laptop was dying a slow death and had no idea where the internet was, despite repeated reminders, and so I just avoided any major online usage altogether.  No more, I say!  My sweetie bought a new lappy for me! 

Goodbye ancient Toshiba; hello Dell Vostro 1520!  You are sleek and strong and have lots of storage space!  How I love your matte black finish and wide screen!  Your slight 6.75 pounds sits lightly on my lap and your slender frame fits into my bag with ease!  Together you and I shall make lots of wonderful picture posts and funny essays to make up for my complete lack of communication with my LJ beloveds.  We shall replace all the posts the Toshiba ate.  We will Hide-button all the people we don't actually know that well on Facebook so we don't have to hang out on that den of stupidity any longer than we have to.  This shall be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  And with your complete accident coverage and extended warranty, I hope it shall be a long one!

Things have been kind of quiet around here this spring.  We've done a few home improvement-type projects and I'm in the process of ripping all my vinyl albums to mp3 so we can put the records in storage and move Anna's room into the den as Mia no longer wishes to keep the same hours as the Sister Collective and needs her own room.  Also, school is finally out and Anna is currently en-route to Tennessee to spend the first bit of the summer with my parents.  She'll be 12 in July so we're hoping she'll get one last wonderful summer with all the grown-ups who love her best before we, you know, turn all slow, stupid, and uncool on her.

We also broke down and got an XBOX 360 for CDL's and my birthdays and our anniversary.  I always put the kibosh on buying one in the past as they are expensive, prone to breakage, and didn't have any game titles I wanted to play, but that was before Resident Evil 5 came out for everything but the Wii.  Killing zombies together is a part of what makes the Gina/CDL alliance work as well as it does--I knew It would be folly for us to neglect this framework of our relationship--and we caved like of cards.  We bought the red RE5 console bundle and sent the kids off to the farm while we had a lovely zombie-killing little honeymoon.  Since then we've also played Left 4 Dead (anybody up for a live game?), Prince of Persia (it's a renter unless you are a complete masochist) and I've just now finished Bioshock, which was atmospheric, creepy fun.  Now I'm on the look-out for a copy of Beautiful Katamari and waiting patiently for Brutal Legend, the new one by DoubleFine that put out my favorite odd-ball title: Psychonauts.  Apparently in Brutal Legend (I think there's supposed to be umlauts in there somewhere but I have no idea how to execute those with the new lappy) you're a roadie, voiced by Jack Black, who has died and ended up in Hell, which you must fight your way through to Rock Heaven.  I'm so there! 

About the only major change I can think of to report is that we're getting a puppy in a couple of weeks! Yes, yes, I know.  I always said I didn't have room in my life to tend one more digestive system but at this point, with the kids and the minivan and living in Iowa, who am I to quibble about a minor detail of the idyllic suburban life when CDL and the girls would so very much like a dog?  And since they let me pick the breed, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (I blame Cowboy Bebop and cardigirl  for the attraction) I'm pretty excited about the prospect of a little furball running around, myself.  I know other women have baby dreams when their shortees grow up but I never had until we paid the holding fee for a puppy and *boom*, I'm having crazy dreams where I have to protect this baby bundled up in a blanket, a baby that I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about having.  Then when I lift the corner of the blanket and see it's just a puppy and not a real baby swaddled in all that fabric, I am so incredibly relieved I practically thank it for not being a human and am quite willing, then, to protect it from the zombies and the long drop out the open window.  The kids are too excited for words, as well.  Poor Socks is going to be *so* annoyed.  That puppy is going to love my girls so much that they're going to realize Socks never really loved them at all except for their body heat and thumbs for opening food containers. 


Jun. 9th, 2009 12:43 am (UTC)
'bout time! I expect to see Corgi pup pictures, dang it.
Jun. 9th, 2009 02:31 am (UTC)
Coming next week when we go to pick him up!

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